About Us

Pool Cleaning //

We're Austin natives. Kokomo Poolcare is an Austin company. We're a proud part of the Austin community and know what matters to our customers. With us you'll have professional cleaning services at the intervals you want, with the services you want, and with the concerns that matter to you.


We use the absolute safest chemicals on the market. We clean our pools for our families as well, so we've done our due diligence to make sure your pool is as safe as possible. You can also let us know if you prefer your pool to be treated a certain way and give us feedback on how you think your pool has been taken care of. We're in the business to make you and your family happy.

Filters and Traps

We also clean your filters and traps while we're out. This insures proper maintenance of the pool is kept while we're away and that you don't have to worry about anything that works it's way in there.

Water Quality

Every pool is different. So we believe that you shouldn't treat them all the same. Every time we come out we access your pools overall quality and determine what needs to be done to make it crystal clean. It might require us shocking the pool, scrubbing it down, or a dozen other things. The point is that we'll treat your pool uniquely.

Cleaning Intervals

We offer weekly, bi-weekly, and monthly cleanings as standard plans. This covers the majority of pool owners’ needs. However, we'll work with you if you have unique needs or want us to come out in different intervals.

// Repairs

Unlike a lot of the pool companies out there, we do repairs ourselves. What this means is faster turn around times for you. And it just makes sense. Would you rather have your car fixed by someone who is seeing it for the first time, or by the people who are intimately familiar it?

  • Call

    We'll check your equipment every time we're out, but you can call us anytime and we'll head over. Our number is 512-298-1880.

  • Fast

    We offer some of the fastest repair times in Austin. Give us a call and we can evauluate the best solution for you.

  • Techs

    Our Repair Techs are top of the line. Also, our techs are not compensated by how much they bring in. We'll shoot you straight and get the job done quickly.

Customer Service //

The extra mile is often the hardest, but it's what sets us apart. We genuinely love our customers. You'll often see us leave you little gifts after we leave and even host pool parties for the Kokomo family to enjoy the summer. We consider you family and family goes the extra mile.

Gifts of Appreciation

Every now and then we'll leave you something special as a token of our appreciation. Of course you can opt out, but we like to have fun and bring the fun to you whenever we can.

Pool Parties

From time to time, we'll host pool parties for our customers, their friends, their neighbors, and anyone else who wants to come. We'll provide the food, music, and entertainment. You show up and have some fun!

Eco Friendly

We're proud to say that we're environmentally friendly. We are very careful with our chemicals and recycle whatever we can. We’re also constantly looking for ways to become even more eco-friendly.

Secure and Easy Billing

We are very flexible with our billing options. We take Credit, Debit, Cash, Check. Paypal, and more. We also have secure PCI compliant billing so that your information will never end up in the wrong hands.